Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Member Intro

Hello fellow Mary Wigham stitchers in the USA!!! I am excited to join this blog and anxious to begin Mary for myself!

I am Sabine and I live outside of Houston, Texas. I am currently working on three Heaven and Earth Designs (all on either 25 or 28 ct Lugana, 1x1, full crosses) and Cirque des Cercles on a wonderful 28ct lagoon Lugana with Crescent Colours in Rainy Day.

I am torn on how to stitch Mary. I want to do a reproduction, approximating her fabric and fibers as closely as possible and leaving her initials and mistakes. But, I do not like the colors and I feel that if I even just tweek the shades, I might as well make it my own. I have a dark blue and green with lemon yellow color scheme floating through my mind. In either case, I will have to order fabric and floss soon as Mary is my Christmas gift to myself!

I have enjoyed looking at all of your progress and even finishes! I can't wait to start, but I will try to be good until the 24th!!


  1. Welcome to the group Sabine. Remember that your Mary Wigham is your own so go with what you like. I am stitching mine in the recommened colors. I am a little behind on my stitching, but hope to remedy that soon.

    Pat in Bedford, Texas (the Dallas Fort Worth area)

  2. I am using the recommended colors (for the most part) but I have changed the graound fabric to a dark natural. The lighter colors of floss (white, ecru) show u p so much better and I've only had to alter one light brown because it was too close in color to my linen. As far as the initials, I intend to use those of my own family.
    My "Mary" is coming along nicely and I will be ready to post a picture soon - if I can figure out how.

  3. Welcome Sabine.
    My advise -- Make Mary your own. If you don't like a color, just change it to something that pleases you.
    My Mary has been untouched for awhile but I do want to get back to her after the holidays.