Sunday, October 18, 2009

My progess for October

I worked on MW this weekend and got a bit done. I really love how this piece is turning out. After I finished the white flowers on the left side I am not crazy about them but will leave them there. But I am changing the ecru colored flowers on that side to a purple and light purple color.

Have to decide which of my family initials to stitch on the piece, but figure I have time to do that. I'll pull out my family tree and put some grandsparents in there to with the grandkids.
I am taking MW on vacation with me this week and will post some pictures next week.
I am looking forward to seeing other progress on Mary this month.


  1. Your Miss Mary is looking great, you are making some nice progress. Looking forward to seeing the next installment! You go girl!!!!

  2. Mary is looking lovely. I hope you get lots done on your vacation. Enjoy!